Vision and Values

Strong corporate culture from the past to the future
Sehir Hatlari A.S., with the history of approaching the future of 200, with the mission, vision and values ​​determined continues to work in the direction.

Mission and Vision Key to the Future
Sehir Hatlari A.S., with its cultural power from the past, serves the community with the mission of providing safe, comfortable and sustainable sea transportation services to the community in Istanbul, while focusing on passenger satisfaction in public transportation, with the vision of becoming an environmentally-friendly, pioneering and leading company.

Contemporary and modern values
The Agency represents the business models of the 21st century by implementing the values ​​of Sustainability and Innovation, Employee Commitment, Customer Satisfaction and Participatory Management, Performance and Productivity, Commitment to Institutional Culture, Transparency and Confidence.

Sustainability and innovation
In line with the advantages and benefits of society and the institution; Sustainability is ensured by taking into consideration the ecological, economic and social aspects. Considering the value of innovation; innovations are being followed and development is made continuous with applicable opinions and thoughts.

Employee belonging, customer satisfaction and participatory management
The views, evaluations and opinions of the employees, customers and suppliers, who are considered as stakeholders of the organization, are of utmost importance. In order to solve the problems that may be experienced and to improve the service quality, the opinions and opinions of the stakeholders are valued and evaluated.

Performance and efficiency
As a requirement of the contemporary economy, resources are used to increase financial and operational efficiency. Acting very quickly in decision making and implementation processes, quality and qualified service is offered.

Commitment to corporate culture
It is aimed to make corporate culture liveable in every field with the understanding that the success of institutions depends on their culture and our corporate culture is our identity. The mission, vision and values ​​that make up the corporate culture are assimilated by the employees and reflected on all forms of work.

Transparency and trust
With the approach that the most basic stone of working life is honesty and trust; all stakeholders of the institution are provided to work in a mutual trust environment. A transparent relationship model is established with stakeholders.