Disabled Guests

Safe and Comfortable Journey for Disabled Guests

Modern transport policies require the design and construction of transport vehicles to help disabled passengers travel safely and comfortably. One of the criteria of development and development of the country and the city is the emergence of approaches that do not ignore citizens with special needs.

Sehir Hatlari A.S. also validates an understanding that emphasizes the requirements of its fleet.

The sea buses in the Sehir Hatlari Sea Bus portfolio are designed taking into consideration the needs of the disabled passengers. Especially, with sea busses produced in 2015 such as S.H Durusu, S.H Küçüksu, S.H Göksu, S.H Gümüssu, the citizens with special needs can travel without the need for a companion.

Specially designed double-sided boarding / descent ramps, marked flat floor features and large corridors on the sea buses allow passengers with special needs to travel safely.

Şehir Hatlari Deniz Otobüsü

Vapors suitable for physical special needs

With its new and old passenger ferries, Sehir Hatlari A.S. also enables citizens with special needs to travel safely and comfortably.

Thanks to the new generation of passenger ferries that are produced in 2008 and 2009, ŞH Fatih, ŞH Kadıköy, ŞB Beykoz, ŞH Beyoğlu and ŞH Sarıyer, guests with special needs do not need a companion. The ferries have specially designed ride / descent ramps, flat floor features and large corridors.

Professor Aykut Barka, Ahmet Hulusi Yildirim, Barış Manço, Şehit İlker Karter, Şehit Sami Akbulut, Şehit Metin Sülüş, Beşiktaş-1, Caddebostan, Prof. Dr. Alaeddin Yavaşça and Nurettin Alptoğan, as well as the former generation of the Sehir Hatlari ferries also have special facilities for guests with special needs. The steamers are equipped with a hydraulic ramp system to increase passenger safety on boarding passages.

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Obstacles in Passenger Boats Exceeded

The passenger boats, which are produced in Kasımpaşa, Sütlüce and Hasköy in 2009, can also travel without a companion via special boarding / landing ramps.

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Steamers Available in Accompaniment Accompaniment

Among the old-generation steamers within the Sehir Hatlari, Emin Kul, Fahri S. Koruturk, Istanbul-9, Sehit Mustafa Aydogdu, Moda and İ. Hakkı Durusu, passengers with special needs can attend the free of charge together with their companions.

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