Shipyard Services

Şehir Hatları carries out maintenance and repair services of its vessels at Haliç Shipyard, which has been active since 1455 and is the oldest living shipyard in the world.

Haliç Shipyard is located on 70 acres in Kasımpaşa in Beyoğlu District of Istanbul. It serves as a living industrial heritage with 475 meters of quay, three stone pools, and two shipbuilding sleds.

Haliç Shipyard has a steel processing capacity of 3000 tons per year. In the shipyard, three stone pools of different sizes (118.75 m x 22.20 m x 13.50 m), (83.50 m x 16.00 m x 10.50 m), (153.40 m x 19.20 m x 9.56 m) provides dry-docking services.

In addition to serving Şehir Hatları’s fleet, Haliç Shipyard provides maintenance and repair services for private vessels and public institutions and organizations such as IBB Marine Services, ISTAC, Üsküdar Municipality, TCDD, General Directorate of Coastal Safety, Ministry of Justice, BOTAŞ. 

Today, periodic maintenance of naval vehicles (class foundation requirements), renovation works, and fault interventions are carried out within the scope of shipyard activities. 

Under the Haliç Shipyard Directorate;
  • Different dispatch systems’ (Voith, Z-Driver, FPP, CPP) maintenance and repair works,
  • Dry-docking services,
  • Propeller, shaft, and rudder maintenances,
  • Underwater and surface sheet renovations,
  • Coating processes in underwater and surface areas and tanks (scraping and painting),
  • Wood and wet floor works,
  • Repair and maintenance of wooden and rubber fenders of ships,
  • Maintenance, repairs, and renovations of all pipe circuits and valves,
  • Various lathe and leveling tasks,
  • Tank and bilge cleanings,
  • All kinds of sheet metal welding, manufacturing and cutting jobs,
  • Hydraulic-pneumatic system and circuit of ships, manufacturing, and maintenance. 
  • Main machinery and auxiliary machinery overhaul, maintenance, and repairs,
  • Maintenance and renovation of electronic devices and installations,
  • Pump maintenance, repairs, and renovations,
  • Maintenance, repairs, and renovations works of auxiliary machinery are carried out.

You can find detailed information about the shipyard services of Şehir Hatları by e-mailing or by calling 0 (212) 313 80 00.