About Us

Organization That Touches the Lives of Passengers: Şehir Hatları.
Şehir Hatları, founded in 1851 and is a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, continues as Turkey's leading and innovative organization in sea transportation.

Şehir Hatları carries out 600 trips per day with 50 ship terminals and 28 ferries, transporting around 40 million passengers per year.

Traveling across the Bosphorus, Golden Horn, historical peninsula, and Princes’ Islands, the people of Istanbul experience a magical journey with unforgettable memories. 

Moonlight Trips 
Moonlight Trips, organized by Şehir Hatları, which dates back to the 1920s, also create a different atmosphere of color, form, and meaning for Istanbulites. 

A Thousand and One Faces of the Bosphorus
The Short and Long Bosphorus Tours, which have been organized since the 1920s, are also a favorite among Istanbulites and visitors of our beloved city. Offering a panoramic view of Istanbul's beauty and splendor, these tours provide a unique experience for passengers on the shores of the Bosphorus.

And İstinye Çubuklu Car Ferry
İstinye Çubuklu Car Ferry, one of the car-ferry-services that the people of Istanbul know very well, serves every day. Passengers can enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus by car ferry.

Preparing for the Future
Şehir Hatları will continue to offer the most enjoyable journeys by following the technological developments and innovations in the sector while presenting all the beauty and possibilities of the sea.