Environmental Policy

As Istanbul City Lines, our environmental policy;
  • To carry out all our activities in an environmentally friendly manner in order to present the environment and natural resources to future generations at least at the level that we benefit from,
  • To prevent environmental pollution in our fields of activity,
  • Seeing environmental actions as part of our business,
  • To fulfill the requirements for disposal or recycling by taking our wastes under control,
  • To fully comply with all local, national and international legal requirements related to the environment,
  • To ensure the most efficient use by monitoring and controlling the use of natural resources,
  • To take steps to protect the ecological balance with a conscious management approach,
  • To act with the precondition of the health of all living things and sustainable life in our activities,
  • To maintain environmental respect and awareness-raising efforts for both our employees and passengers,
  • To comply with Environmental Management System standards and to continuously improve its effectiveness.


Istanbul Şehir Hatları Inc. within the scope of its Environmental Policy, it undertakes to implement the management system it has established, to review the system in order to improve it, to ensure the continuity of the system and to continuously improve its effectiveness.